What we've done this Year!

This is a basic summary of what has happened in computer science this year. I will be explaining all the different things that we have learnt.

Computational Thinking

In this topic we had to solve problems. We used computational thinking to solve these problems. We used flowol to do most of these. One activity included making the traffic lights go at the right time. We also went on code.org and did various tasks on there.


In Python we used code to do certain things such as print. We went on code avengers and did various tasks there.

The Internet

In this topic we studied the internet and made websites on neocities.


In javascript we also went on code avengers and did various tasks on that.

Robots and AI

In this topic we learnt about artificial intelligence and went on various bot websites. We then made lego robots and made them fight each other on an app on your phone.


In hardware we disconnected a computer and reconnected another to see if it worked. We then took apart that computer apart and cleaned up all the parts. We put it back together and plugged it in to see if it worked again